Forms that don't suck!

  • Create beautiful Online forms and Surveys
    using simple text questions.

Why is Text Form better?

(both for you and for your audience).
1. Easy to create

Our clever Artificial Intelegance (AI) Converts your simple text questions to beautiful online forms.

2. Even easier to complete

with it's Superb UX text form will allow Your audience will enjoy answering your questions, while you gather more insights.

3. Work anywhere

All forms are designed to be enjoyable on both big and small screens.

4. Professional

Huge questions database allows you to copy / paste from 1000's of ready made questions on 100's of subjects.

How are we different?

Our UX is absolutely spot on, Our AI help you build forms in minutes not hours.

About Us

Quote of
Oron Adam

I Love building simple services with good design, clean UX while being honest & fair.

Previously I was the CTO of Emind Cloud Experts, I'm still one of the share holders so if you have ideas for cooperation or need help with your AWS or GCE let me know I will hook you up with the right expert :-).

I also run Nada temp mail and Air Mail and a long long time ago amongst other things also co-invented the USB Flash disk.

Hackers Wanted

If you are a talented front end React developer with a good grasp of superb UX and UI, we want you to join us. Please ping Oron at @oronoa. (2016)